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About Us


Kehilat Kodesh has synagogues in many countries around the world. Kehilat Kodesh aims to empower Jewish discovery for anyone interested in learning more. Providing spiritual, cultural, social and educational programming for all ages.

Rabbi Tank is dedicated to find modern usefulness and meaning in ancient wisdom texts and he is happy to provide spiritual, cultural, social and educational programming for communities around the world. 

Rabbi Tank was educated in Orthodox Yeshivas in New York and Miami. He has got a Degree in Biblical Archeology from Bar Ilan University and a Harvard Degree in Judaic Studies. He got his Bachelor's in Business Administration and he also earned a degree in International Economic Development from the University of Oxford. 

Rabbi Tank is a professor at American Jewish College where he teaches classes on Talmud, Jewish History and Contemporary Jewish Law. Rabbi Tank works with active involvement in peace negotiations and humanitarian relief operations. 

Rabbi Ovadiah Tank is the Senior Rabbi of the World Jewish Confederation in the United States and a representative member of the National White House Faith Leaders, an Executive Office of the President of the United States.

New Book Campaign 


Ethics of our Fathers is a book much loved by Jews around the world, especially during Shabbat. Written approximately 2,000 years ago, it is a collection and compilation made by Rabbi Yehudah HaNassi. Without being a book of laws, it is part of the Mishnah and is composed of phrases or short lessons from our Sages. Ideas so we can live a good Jewish life.

Like the Mishnah in general, Pirke Avot also quickly required rabbinic commentary so that Jews in general would understand and benefit from its teachings. Therefore, without modifying Pirke Avot's original text, with each generation it is necessary to update the text's explanations. In clear language, and adapted to the circumstances of the generation in question.

This is the purpose of this edition. Discussed and studied in the right way, Pirke Avot remains the same... renewing itself in the soul of every Jew.

This is the ambition of Rabbi Ovadia Tank, whose versatile training allows him to make the old Pirke Avot shine, in the eyes of this generation that is often far from books and studies, preferring social networks and technology in general.


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