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Kosher Biblical Dietary Laws


The right prescription for a long and healthy life!

Global Kosher L'Mehadrim is under the guidancy of the Biale Rebbe of Yerushalayim, the Grand Rabbi Avraham Yerachmiel Rabinowicz Shilita.

The GLOBAL KOSHER project is to expose the Kosher Symbol in the label of the certified kosher products and re-educate people about kashrut.

There is no question that the Biblical dietary laws have some beneficial health effects. For example, the laws regarding kosher (proper) slaughter are so sanitary that kosher butchers and slaughterhouses have been exempted from many USDA regulations.

The guiding mission of the GLOBAL KOSHER is to be the innovative leader in kosher certification in countries where there is no Hechsher in the kosher products. Additionally, the objective is to elevate the quality of kosher foods available to both the kosher/ethnic and mainstream markets.

The process of certification does not involve “blessing” the food; rather, it involves examining the ingredients used to make the food, examining the process by which the food is prepared, and periodically inspecting the processing facilities to make sure that kosher standards are maintained.

Our Rabbis that work in Kashruth are extremely knowledgeable with the kosher certification procedures, trained in food production technology and are expert professionals in their respective fields in achieving an extremely reliable and the highest level of Kashrus Standard.



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